My work over the years, from fashion to academia, has focused on women and girls as subjects. It has been an intuitive choice, as the intelligent, individual female protagonist that I was interested in presenting was almost non-existent in the mass media.

 Working in analogue, digital photography and oil paint, I use whichever medium best expresses the story and idea. Throughout my photographic career I have physically drawn, painted and stitched into my images, and over the last decade used Photoshop as a painting, darkroom tool.

 The same threads exploring memory and impermanence, are woven through my works in printmaking and oil paint. Photography allows me to challenge truth and illusion, make the impossible visible and to play Pollyanna, making a positive from a negative. Printmaking and oil on canvas allows a physical making experience, that pursues slow continuous questioning, experimenting with paint, ink, and ideas both physically and conceptually.